Thursday, March 7, 2013

am sorry.

sorry ma,
buat mama susah hati semalam. kesian dekat mama. banyak kali called just to make sure aku okay. and adek mintak maaf. sebab tipu mama. adek dop balek pun ma. adek pun kat pantai tu sampai azan subuh. sampai guard bawah nie ingat adek kene ragut sebab muke macam mende jee balek tu. maa, adek tahu. mama will always be my side. up and down. thin and thick. you're my wonderwoman ma. and i love you. so so much. im sorry ma. ):

raped the play button last night, and my tears are falling. 

Friday, January 25, 2013

180192 (:


so bay, you did a good jobs there. well, i mean try to do so. hahahaha. sorry sayang. awak terlalu predictable. and hati saye tak pernah salah kan? haahhahha. thanks for the lovely necklace bay. tahu nie dah kali kedua awak bagi saye rantai. first tu pun mase birthday last year. cantek gile. sorry! kali nie janji jage elok elok! love you. 

thanks to afaf and her boyfie too for the lovely suprise. love you guys much!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


the physco strike back. should i be physo too? okay, lets try it once. (:

so girl, ehem. yes you. are you in pain because all your love line didnt work it out the way you plan? all your fantasy crushed before your eyes? instead of being stray away, you choose to humiliated yourself by being maniac opss, being nice i mean, with them? and you seriously hoping for this fat ass replied all your kindness? by letting him near you again?

sure my dear. 

i will let him choose. 

let see. if he will crawled back to you, it will be my pleasure darling. but if he's choose to stay, maybe you should JUST MAYBE go fuck yourself. 

and about his family you've been talked about. emm who is that again? his youngest sister? whose like 16 this year? kahkahkah. yeah right. how the about the facts that he's never let his mom seeing you with him? opssss, my bad. his mom SURE know about your 5 years relationshit. 

and yes, he did came to your house last break. but may i know for what reason? asked you to date him again? cause i been hearing the different version from him. (: ohhh ohh ohhh. he did asked you to choose between him and your 'mee segera' boyfriend right? righttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt. 

jelousy? well im not sure. cause im the one whose standing next to him right now. NOT YOU. yup, definitely not you. 

so why dont you, instead of faking your love story in front of all your stupid friends, just accept the facts that, ITS OVER.